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Located high up the West Maui Mountains, above the West Maui resort areas, Ironwood Ranch is the perfect place to ride horses on Maui. As well as having access to some of Maui's most scenic and unspoiled riding areas, Ironwood Ranch has the best string of riding horses on Maui, with just the right horse for you!

Scenic, fun rides

Ironwood Ranch offers a wonderful variety of great riding opportunities, from lush tropical valleys to open fields with outrageous views. We schedule some of our favorite rides on a daily basis or we can set up your own custom ride - just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Excellent horses

We have the finest riding horses on Maui, well-trained and happy to take you for a ride! We will select the perfect horse for you, depending on your experience and size - you'll love your mount!

Great service

We're all one big happy family at Ironwood Ranch, and you'll get the family treatment! We love horses, riding, the ranch, and sharing it all with our guests. Come ride with us, and we promise you a great time!

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Please call the ranch first before you purchase a ride for reservations and space availablity
West Maui Journey
Time on horseback is 1.5 hours
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The Sunset Ride
Time on horseback is 2 hours
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The Hawaiian Excursion
Time on horseback is 2 hours
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Maile Pai Ride
Available seasonally
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Exclusive Excursion
Choose your Length of Ride
Price dependant on Length
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Introduction to Horsemanship
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